About Us

About us

Our program specializes in early intervention services that focus on addressing core deficits a child might exhibit due to behavioral disorders that affect communication, social sensory, and developmental skills.
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We’re delighted you have chosen Living Hope ABA Therapy, Inc to serve our child’s developmental, social, and emotional needs. We are committed to performing at the highest level possible and to maximize the time your child spends with us.

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We are committed to providing quality ABA services to clients in need of ABA treatment. We provide a passionate support team who are determined to provide our families with ongoing support and resources. 

We utilize comprehensive developmental assessments to provide an individualized plan for each child. 

We believe it is essential that clients and their families receive researched-based proven interventions, parent training, and ABA tools to assist them throughout the course of their treatment. 

Where Love and Care Come Together

Our staff consist of 2 BCBA's, Intern, Psychologist, Billing Specialist, and Safety-Care Coordinator. Our BCBA's are Board Certified Analysts Licensed with the State of Louisiana.


Interventions we implement are researched-based treatments proven to be the most effective when treating children diagnosed with Autism and other behavioral disorders such as ADHD, ODD, and Global Developmental Delay.